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Legal system in the US is similar to the system in England

Write a paper about why the legal system in the US is so similar to the legal system in England. Can the similarities be attributed solely to the fact that the Founding Fathers of the US were British and familiar with the legal system in England or are there additional reasons?

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Legal Systems in the United States and England

Perhaps, it is not surprising that the United States and England judicial and legal systems come from the same root which is the English common low. However, it is also worthy to note that in spite of this similarity, the two countries' legal systems "have diverged in some significant ways" (Sullivan, 2001, p. 321). Unfortunately, the aim of this paper is to present why such similarities exist rather than emphasize the divergence of the two of the most respected legal systems in the world.

One example of similarities of the two legal systems is the use of juries. For every trial, juries who are believed to be the peer of the accused stand to judge. Moreover, juries in both systems are allowed to take notes during the trial.

Understandably, many people would credit the ...

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Legal systems in the United States being similar to the system in England is determined.