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    Laws and Legal System

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    Why is it important to have laws? Do you think the legal system we adopted is the most efficient legal system?

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    Interesting questions! Let's take a closer look through discussion and examples. I also attached a study of the American Criminal Justice System to consider and to which I make reference to in the response.

    1. Why is it important to have laws?

    Some argue that laws are important to keep law and order in society, while others argue that self-control of the citizens could have the same effect.

    Laws are a form of social control. Laws are to keep order in society. Without laws and rules to live by, society is assumed to be chaotic and disorganized. Without laws, there would be no crime, as laws define what is crime and what is not crime.
    Formal social control of behaviors, include things such as laws and codes that a society abides by. It includes efforts by the police, courts, and correctional institutions to produce social conformity of the law. Laws encouraged conformity and if people do not conform or break the laws, certain types of controls come into place to try to make the person change to conform to the laws. It is said that there are three ...

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    This solution discusses why it is important to have laws and if the legal system presently adopted is the most efficient legal system. Supplemented with a a study of the American Criminal Justice System.