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Stare Decisis: Healthcare

1. Why is law not an exact science?

2. What are the implications for healthcare?

3. Briefly describe beneficial effects to our system of law gained from the principle of stare decisis.

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Law is not a science at all. Law is a discipline that belongs to the humanities not the sciences. Science deals with the natural world which is run on "natural" law. The object of a scientist is to uncover or "discover" such laws of nature. On the other hand, the study of "law" deals with the precepts of man. It deals with "laws" that man makes himself. These aren't laws really at all, although they are called laws. More precisely, they are statutes or regulations, falsely called "law."

Laws of nature can be measured, quantified, studied over and over again, and results repeated. On the other hand, the study of man's laws are not measured and quantified. They are merely analyzed perhaps, and interpreted.

The ...

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The solution explains the importance of stare decisis and explains how this principle is significant to the practice of law.