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    Fast Serve Inc.: Simulation

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    I need help getting started on this assignment. I have to run the "Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce" Simulation and then I need to prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper in which I do the following:
    a. Identify, using a paragraph or two for each of the five candidates for dismissal, the key concepts of employment law that would affect his or her employment status. Be sure to cite the text as appropriate. Provide a sub-heading for each paragraph that identifies the candidate being discussed. Within your discussion for each candidate, explain whether there are any extenuating regulatory circumstances (e.g., exceptions to employment at will, or a collective bargaining agreement) that would affect the decision to terminate these people.
    b. In a separate section, with it's own heading, discuss the agency principle. Explain management's obligation that it act in the best interest of the organization as opposed to self-interest. To what extent does your decision, on which three people to lay off, align with the best interests of the organization?
    c. In a separate section, with its own heading, explain how you balanced the legal risk of terminating individuals from a protected class against the business risk of losing valuable talent?

    Begin with an introductory paragraph that gives a brief background on the scenario from the simulation. Be sure to properly cite and reference the simulation. Provide a section heading for each of the candidates. The paper must be formatted using fully-developed paragraphs with appropriate citations to outside sources. Do not put any of the information in a "Table" or "Grid" format. This paper must be in APA format.

    **See ATTACHED simulation to understand my posting**

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    //Before writing about the legal issues in the Fast Serve Inc., we have to understand the overall scenario of the simulation problem. It will assist in understanding the overview of the simulation problem. Then, we will discuss about the main aim of the simulation, which will assist in evaluating the legal issues in the reduction of workforce within the Organization.//


    In the early 21st century, there was a specific phenomenon existing in the business sector. It was facing an economic slump followed by the failure of several dotcom and technology businesses. This resulted in the lay off of many employees and workers. But, the savings on the account of the reduction in the workforce just led to a mere 1.5% cost cutting with a reduction of 10% employees (University of Phoenix, 2008).

    Aim of the simulation

    2 out of every 5 companies which downsized their staff in the late 90's had to encounter and deal with claims of discrimination against their organization. This simulation aims at understanding the complexities of lay offs and the probable risk of discrimination charges. It will facilitate the understanding of the effect of the retrenchment on the employees and the legal consequences of any indiscretions committed by the company. Here, the company is Fast Serve Inc.

    //After analyzing the simulation problem, we will talk about the 'key concepts of the employment law' that are affected by the employment status of different persons, of the Organization. The reasons for the dismissal of the respective employees will also be discussed. The regulatory circumstances of the decision making regarding the dismissal will be discussed, which will assist us in understanding the importance of employment law and its implementation.//

    Downsizing -- Fast Serve Inc.

    As a result of the downsizing of the online division, many employees have to be retrenched. The company has to undertake cost cutting and save money on account of salaries and remuneration to the employees (University of Phoenix, 2008).

    Carl Haimes

    Title VII of Civil Rights Act would affect his employment status because under this law, any discrimination against the individuals with respect to their sex, race or color. Carl is a gay and there should be no discrimination on the basis of this reason (Teaching With Documents: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2008). Carl's performance has been above average and his productivity is above median.

    There are no problems in relation to his absenteeism and he is also well qualified. Carl is facing some personal issues but they are completely unrelated to his performance. He has been performing above average. In addition, he has not availed for any leaves in the last 2 years. So, he should be retained (University of Phoenix, ...

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