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    Explaining law terms

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    Use all of the terms listed below to create a paragraph or scenario demonstrating that you understand the terms. Terms: plaintiff, burden of proof, district court, appeals court, Supreme Court, certiorari, arbitration, and punitive damages.

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    Allen and Sue were a married couple living together for three years when Allen's sister told him that she thought Sue was seen leaving a hotel with another guy one early morning. After getting the date from his sister and checking Sue's desk calendar, Allen found that for the day in question Sue's calendar stated she had an out of town meeting. He felt weird knowing his wife was seen in town when she was supposed to be out of town. It was obvious Sue had lied so Allen decided to hire a private detective to monitor Sue's activities. In a couple of weeks time, the private detective was able to provide Allen with concrete evidence (pictures) that indeed Sue was sneaking to a hotel with ...

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