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Employment Law for Business

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Calvin was working as a mechanic to repair some processing equipment at the United Megaworks Company. He fell off a ladder, broke his arm and was knocked unconscious. Following medical treatment, he returned to the company which transferred him to an inspector position due to his broken arm. Does United need to make a report to OSHA?

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No, but the incident, including full details of the incident and the reassignment need to be recorded in the employer's OSHA 300 log. If an employee dies or three or more workers are injured which require hospitalization, the employer must notify OSHA by telephone or in person (orally), within eight hours of the time of the incident. If employers do not, they are in direct violation of OSHA regulations. In this case, the worker was performing his duties when ...

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This solution explains if United Megaworks Company needs to file a report with OSHA due to Calvin's injury. All applicable laws, regulations, and OSHA mandates are discussed.