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Discrimination in Employment

"Hispanic woman between 35-40 years old wanted to work in an office." Suppose this sentence is from an employment advertisement in a newspaper. Create a fictional scenario where this advertisement indicates employment discrimination as defined by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Create another scenario where there is no discrimination, and the advertiser has legitimate reasons for the description in the advertisement.

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Scenario 1:

Federal laws like Title Vll usually don't expresly ban preemployment questions, but it is the impact. There are two reasons to avoid such questions. First, although federal law may not bar such questions many state and local laws do. Second, the EEOC has said that it will disapprove such practices, so just posting that add will draw attention.

John a 27 year old white male, well gromed and appropiately attired walks into the office to apply for the job he saw advertised. John asks the receptionist, "may I have an applicaion for the job you advertised in the newspaper?" The advertisement clearly states that a Hispanic female between the age of 35-40 is needed. The advertisement did not state the type of job, neither did not give the job description. "Sir", the ...

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Discrimination in employment is examined. The description in the advertisements legitimate reasons are determined.