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Current Events Article

Submit a 1 Page "Current Events Article" Report this as if you were an attorney presenting a case before the Jury. State the Facts, Issue, Rule of Law, Analysis, and Conclusion (IRAC) I=Issue, R= Rule of Law/ Rationale, A=Analysis or Discussion, C=Conclusion or Court 's decision.

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The following is an excellent example of a Current Events Article in relation to Criminal Law.

I have chosen the Casey Anthony case out of Florida. This case has not yet gone to trial but if I were the attorney prosecuting the case, I would use the following opening statement to present the case to the jury:

State the Facts: The facts in this case are clear. Casey Anthony, the defendant, murdered her infant daughter, Caylee Anthony in June of 2008.


State the Issue: The issue is whether murder can be proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, when there is no body, no witnesses and no confession. We believe the evidence will prove ...

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The solution discusses the case of Case Anthony out of Florida in relation to the facts, issue, rule of law, analysis, and conclusion. It is about 500 words.