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    Economic Growth and Portfolio Analysis

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    I need to learn how to do the following
    Review two articles (similar to the ones enclosed) and prepare the following:

    Brief summary (including the big ideas or major points of the article) along with some synthesis of the ideas and some personal thoughts.
    Also I need to draw parallels with current events.

    What i need is these to articles reviews (separate) so i can used them as guide to prepare my owns.

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    Hello there, I have written reviews of each of these two articles for you. They are attached as separate documents. Each review included four sections: Major Points, Synthesis of Ideas, Application to Current Events, and Personal Thoughts.

    Best of luck!

    Article Title: Global Portfolio Optimization

    Major Points

    The asset allocation of a global portfolio is the most significant factor in its composition and optimization. Computer models seem like a great way to enhance optimization by correlating risk, composition, and asset classes. However, the results most investors have gotten when they use these models are not always good for overall optimization: no constraints on the model yield large, short positions; constraints on the model rule out short positions but emphasize large weights on small market capitalizations.

    There are two reasons for the model's failures: (1) expected ...

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    Reviews articles on economic growth and global portfolio analysis.