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    Compulsory Health Insurance

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    Design a political commercial. You will need to have a transcript of the text and a clear detailed description of the visual pictures to be used in your commercial. Your commercial should take a strong position and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this proposal.

    The President proposes that all employers be required to offer health insurance or contribute to a public health program. This proposal ensures that all workers will have access to health insurance. It has the potential to make the cost of business too high for some businesses, thus curtailing their competitive edge in a global market.

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    This commercial takes a strong stand that the president's proposal that requires employers to provide health insurance to their employees or contribute to public health program is not beneficial to the economy and the country.

    Transcript and visuals:
    President: I propose that all employers be required to offer health insurance to their employees. Otherwise they must contribute to public health program.
    The first visual picture will be that of a hospital emergency room. The activity and movement will be shown; the camera will next show a hospital room with two patients and a nurse. Finally, the camera will move to the area outside an operating theater and into the operating theater where surgeons are carrying on an operation.

    Moderator: But that sir is anti-business!
    President: My proposal will give all workers access to health insurance.
    Moderator: That will stifle business.
    The second visual picture will be the outside of a factory. The shining roof, glossy ...

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    The proposal to have compulsory health insurance for employees is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.