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    Altman v. Steve's Music Store Inc.

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    In the case of Altman v. Steve's Music Store Inc, we have to role play. Thus we are the defendant in this case, so we need the summary or essay for defendant in this case.

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    The case for the defendant is that when Mrs. Altman was diagnosed with cancer, Steve's Music Store continued to support her with full salary in good faith. Steve's Music Store allowed Mrs. Altman to work part-time with the expectation that she will return to her job full time later. After a year we realized that the health problem of Mrs. Altman was permanent and it was unlikely that she would be able to return to work. Steve's Music Store informed Mrs. Altman that it was necessary for her to return to work otherwise she would be discharged. The reason was that till then Mrs. Altman had exhausted all her vacation leave and medical leave. In response to our notice requesting Mrs. Altman to return to work, Mrs. Altman claimed further "medical Leave" and said that she will return to work in April 2009. This is against our company policy; this behavior is in violation of the contract of employment and necessitated strong action. We responded by terminating the employment of Mrs. Altman in a legal manner. The company also advised her that the money that was due to her would be adjusted against her dues to the company and the final sum available to her would be handed over to her.

    Steve's Music Store is not required to pay severance pay to Mrs. ...

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