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Revenue Recognition Examples

Markup on all sales is 25%. for example, a retail price of $100.00 means the wholesale price
is $80.00 ($80.00 x 1.25 = $100.00). Purchases are recorded at net price. For example, a purchase
of a $1,000.00 item on terms of 2/10, net 30 is booked at $980.00

December 31 (Wednesday)
1.) Sold merchandise to the following .
Customer's Name Terms Sales Amount
Zenith Music 3/10,n/30 $800.00
Audio Court n/30 $1,0000 .00

2.) Paid the following creditors . Calculate discounts if appropriate .

Creditor's Name Terms Amount
Office Equipment Company n/30 $500 .00
Tusk Music Supply 2/10,n/30 2,000 .00
Advent Music Supply n/30 250 .00
Local Supply n/30 300 .00

Received payment from the following customers . The amounts shown do not include any
discounts. You must determine if a discount is appropriate, and if so, how much. Remember,
do not apply the discount on the sales tax portion of the accounts receivable balance .

Customer's Name Terms Sales Amount
Carol Jason n/30 $300.00
Knotes, Inc. 2/10,n/30 275.00
Zenith Music 3/10,n/30 120.00

The $100.00 delivery expense recorded on December 30 was actually freight on the December
30 purchase from Memrex Music .

Racer High School returned $ 150 .00 worth of merchandise purchased an December 30 .
Madison Music gave the school a cash refund .

Paid $ 75.00 for December delivery expense .

Mr. Madison informed you that the December 18 sale to Louise Music Center was being
financed for 90 days by Madison Music Store . The note is for $3,750 .00 . Began accruing
interest at 12% annually on December 20 . Mr. Madison recorded the transaction on the 18th
as an accounts receivable .


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Markup on all sales is 25%. For example, a retail price of $100.00 means the wholesale price is $80.00 ($80.00x 1 .25 = $100.00). Purchases are recorded at ...

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