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    What is a stakeholder? Who are the stakeholders relative to your organization? Why is it important to consider each of these stakeholders in the ethical reasoning process? What are the business implications of treating these stakeholders unethically?

    Note: my organization is an Airport Private Ground Handling Company.

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    //As per directions, in this part, we will discuss about precise meaning of 'Stakeholders'. Basically, stakeholders are the persons, who take high interest in the Company's matter because the Organization and Stakeholders are directly or indirectly related to each other. //

    An organization has many stakeholders related to itself. Stakeholders are the persons or a group that has the interest in the particular sector or in organization. The interest of those persons or group is involved in the success of the business. The product, services and programs of the organization are affected by the stakeholders. Stakeholders are the potential beneficiaries of the organization and their activities also involve all those activities, which helps the organization to get success (Friedman & Miles, 2006).
    //Above, we discussed about the term 'Stakeholder', who are potential beneficiaries of the Company. Now, moving towards the next part of instruction, in which, we will talk about various Stakeholders of Airport Private Ground Handling Company.//
    The Airport Private Ground Handling Company serves the passengers on the airport. It provides ground handling services to the flights to fly. It also provides variety of services like refueling services, laundry ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 542 words with references.