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FedEx Ethical Issues and Emerging Technology

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Identify the ethical issues for the organization and individuals along with the effect that current or emerging technology has on these issues.

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FedEx is one of the most conscientious companies in the world. The company practices policies of transparency and environmental concern. The company is most known for its delivery of packages safely and in a timely manner. This requires fleets of vehicles of all types for transportation of packages, which in turn requires fuel. FedEx is also a company that has retail outlets to make sending and receiving mail and packages convenient. Among the services provided is a packing program that guarantees against damage to whatever a person sends.

FedEx operates in multiple countries around the world. Their business plan is tailored to take into account these various cultures and government needs. The company remains committed to sustainability and to philanthropy. ..."FedEx inspires its more than 285,000 team members to remain "absolutely, positively" focused on safety, the highest ethical and professional standards and the needs of their customers and communities." ...

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This solution discusses corporate social responsibility at FedEx in respect to emerging technology in approximately 600 words.

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