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    Ethical Standards in an Organization

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    I am not convinced that the root of problem is within the financial industry. More so I question if the source of problem begins with the personal values of those that are responsible for the profit and development of the various organizations.

    Considering that ethical standards are based on commonly accepted principles established by the organization, the industry, society, and individual personal values. I lean towards the latter in that the person(s) that establish the standard are the ones to alter the standard for personal gain--thus causing a series of unfortunate events.

    What is your opinion class--agree or disagree---why or why not?

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    In large regard, I agree with this assessment. My personal opinion is that the blame should be placed on two fronts. First, the predatory lenders that took advantage of ...

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    This solution if 116 words explains two main reasons why blame should be placed on personal values rather than the financial industry.