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Ethical and Political Aspects of Decision Making

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Assume that you are asked by your director to lead a team that will evaluate supplier responses to a request for proposal for a multi-year contract for infrastructure services. Subsequently, you are asked by the director to seriously consider recommending a particular supplier. How would you handle the ethical and political aspects of this request?

This happens quite often in the corporate world, companies position themselves in a place to hire suppliers locally or internationally. Many suppliers are very aggressive in their pursuit of a contract with your corporation. They will invite you to dinner, send you gifts, tickets to professional events, etc. There is a very thin line between legal and illegal contractual decisions in corporate America. The evaluation process should be independently designed to vet all potential contractors; there should not be a checklist that is bias to one contractor or another. The requirements of the company should drive the vetting process of all potential partners and not any personal reasons.

Helping reference:
Lucas Jr., H. (2005) Information Technology - Strategic Decision Making for Managers. John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ.

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First of all, I will ensure that there is no bias or favoritism in terms of selecting the suppliers. All the potential suppliers will be given equal and fair opportunity to provide their bids and will be selected on merit basis only. No supplier will be given undue advantage for their ...

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The ethical and political aspects of decision making are provided.

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