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Managerial Decision Making - Nuclear Power

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Eventually, the United States and Iran will have to sit down and negotiate the use of nuclear power. Discuss the issues that could be involved in such a negotiation. What cognitive mistakes might be made by the negotiators in this case? How could these mistakes be overcome in order to reach an acceptable agreement? 200-300 words APA.

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//Prior to discussing the issues that may occur in a negotiation of a nuclear agreement, first of all, I will discuss what is a 'Nuclear Agreement'. A nuclear agreement is a bilateral deal between two parties mostly; the Governments of two nations are involved. Both the parties agree on nuclear cooperation with each other. Now, I talk over the issues and a few cognitive mistakes that may arise, while making negotiations in a nuclear agreement.//

Nuclear Power

In a nuclear agreement, the negotiators might make some mistakes while negotiating. There can be several issues that may arise in such a deal between two parties. The consideration of the environmental and ...

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