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Dangerous Working Conditions & Choice or Coercion

I need assistance with completing an essay discussing whether or not accepting a position with dangerous working conditions due to a desperate financial situation in which there are no other employment options is truly a free choice or coercion.

The discussion should appeal to Kantian ethics and autonomy in defending the position.

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In most situations, individuals would avoid dangerous working conditions, so it goes against the rationale of the average person accept dangerous working conditions unless there is no alternative for the individual to support themselves. So in essence, an individual decides to accept a position that contains dangerous working conditions due to a desperate financial situation, cannot truly exercise free choice in the situation. An individual that could exercise free choice would in most cases accept the position that has the least amount of danger and potential harm to them possible. The mitigating factor in this case, is the fact that a desperate financial situation is the catalysts for the individual's decision to accept the position that is clearly dangerous, and potentially hazardous to health and well-being.

So in essence, the existence of a desperate financial situation proves to eliminate the option for this individual to ...