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    Creating a Code of Ethics: Principles, Values, and Code

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    Create a Code of Ethics for a company or an organization. You may create the code for a fictitious company but Codes of Conduct for a military group are not counted. Please include the following:

    - Guiding principles
    - Purpose of the code
    - Core values
    - Training and education
    - Definitions
    - What employees it covers
    - How it will be implemented/communicated
    - How it will be enforced and reported
    - Mission statement
    - Other pertinent elements you feel necessary to have a comprehensive Code of Ethics

    Include an introduction and a background of the company/organization. Also, include a summary of the Code.

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    A fictitious company, Company XYZ, has been created for the purposes of explaining how to write a Code of Ethics. If you prefer to use a different name for a company, please replace Company XYZ with a new name.

    Company XYZ sells cars. Company XYZ offers both new and used cars at reasonable prices. The used cars have been inspected and deemed in excellent condition by our highly-qualified certified technicians so that the customer can be certain the cars will function properly on the road.

    The new cars were received directly from the manufacturer to ensure that the customer receives the highest quality cars possible. The new cars come with Bumper-to-bumper warranty which covers components like air conditioning, audio systems, vehicle sensors, fuel systems and major electrical components. Customers may extend the warranty for an additional cost.

    Company XYZ is located across the United States in over fifty different locations. It is an incorporated company that employs over one thousand mechanics, technicians and sales staff. The corporate office is located in Washington. The company strives to uphold the highest levels of quality in parts used and to train its staff to provide the best customer service possible.


    The Code of Ethics at Company XYZ focuses on commitment, compassion, fairness, honesty, integrity, respect, safety, and security, in relation to the job functions performed at Company XYZ.

    Mission Statement:

    At Company XYZ, our mission is to provide all of our customers with cars they can rely on for their everyday commuting needs by providing high-quality cars, parts and services in a socially-responsible manner. All used cars have been inspected and tested by highly-qualified technicians.

    Guiding Principles:

    Obeying the law is central to our guiding principals. As a business that is privileged to provide services throughout the United States, we have the responsibility of complying with all of the laws that apply to our business.

    Our main guiding principals, which match with our code of ethics, are: commitment, compassion, fairness, honesty, integrity, respect, safety, and security.


    The primary purpose of the Code of Ethics is to present Company XYZ's values in terms of programs that reduce unethical practices, increase employee commitment, empower employees to behave in an ethical manner, and encourage any employees with any information about unethical behavior to come forward with reports of information. Instead of being compliance-driven, the Code describes the company using a values-based approach.

    The Code is designed to help employees understand the ethical standards for conducting business at Company XYZ. It is used to guide employees when there are conflicting choices, or when employees face a decision-making point where the right choice is unclear. The guiding principals form the foundation for the Code.


    The Code refers to the Code of Ethics as stated in this document.
    A Conflict of interest refers to any personal interest that may affect your ability to perform your job fairly and objectively, and in the best interests of Company XYZ.
    Guiding principals refers to: commitment, compassion, fairness, honesty, integrity, respect, safety, and security.
    The Company refers to Company XYZ.

    Core Values:

    Commitment--We will strive to keep our promises and business obligations to our business partners and customers. We will not make promises that we know we will be unable to keep. We will not make promises on behalf of Company XYZ unless we have been assigned the authority to do so. In the event that we are unable to keep our promises, we will work with the affected customer or business partner to resolve the issue.

    Compassion—We will be aware of the needs of others and strive to help meet those needs if possible. We will minimize harm and behave in a socially responsible manner. We will respect human rights issues and work with organizations to uphold these rights.
    We will not tolerate suppliers that use child labor. We will adhere to all employment and labor laws, including equal opportunity laws and discrimination laws in employment.

    Fairness—We will strive to create and follow a process that ...

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