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    Workplace values and communications issues

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    1) How can your background determined your values, attitudes, and beliefs? How do your values, attitudes, and beliefs impact your behavior in the workplace?

    2) What can organizations do to reduce communication barriers?

    3) What are some advantages and disadvantages of using formal and informal channels of communication?

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    Your life and social interactions form the values and attitudes as well as beliefs. People tend to model the behavior of those they admire or trust and parents, grandparents, and other close adults help to form all these. Exposure to certain ideas, elements, and concerns allows for the person to become comfortable with those aspects of a value and belief system. People will change slowly so continued exposure to these help form them. If one is poor, they often spend more frugally when they have money (or go the opposite direction and spend out of control), if one is raised in a restrictive ...

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    Discussions on the background of employees and how it affects their place in the organization. Also communication barriers and formal and informal channels of communications.