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NonVerbal Communication in Conducting Business

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Give some examples of cultural differences in the interpretation of body language. What is the role of such nonverbal communication in business relationships?

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Personal "space" and the way we communicate with our bodies and our eyes mean many different things in different cultures. Here are some of the more common differences that are often missed, especially by Western businessmen who travel to different cultures and it can often lead to losing key deals or the respect of their business partners.

Classic nonverbal differences:

Eye contact - In the U.S. and Canada, making eye contact is very important when communicating. It conveys your interested and engaged in the conversation and not looking at each other shows disrespect or boredom. However if you travel to Japan, holding eye contact for more than a brief second while talking is considered uncomfortable. ...

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Short solution on how non-verbal communication can impact relationships in different cultures if there is a lack of understanding between the two cultures.

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