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Employee & Coworker - Communication Techniques

Identify three techniques (such as enthusiasm for the message) that you use in your communication to your employees (or coworkers) in order to motivate them to do a certain task. How would you explain goals to your employees (or coworkers) effectively? Support your answer with examples.

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In order to motivate employees to do a certain task I often tell them why it is important. For instance, "we are going to greet every customer with a friendly smile, and a 'hello' so that they feel welcome in our store." Or, "we need to make sure these accounts balance out, to ensure that our books are correct, which is critical to demonstrate the department is profitable." Whenever possible, I personalize the message, telling the ...

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This solution identifies three techniques that could be used in communication to employees or coworkers to motivate them to do a certain task. It gives examples.