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    Emotions in Communication

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    1. Why do leaders find it so challenging to connect with employees' emotions?

    2. Frederick Herzberg wrote about the differences between "hygiene factors" and "true motivators." Explain the difference and describe at least two of each kind in your organization.

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    1. To be an effective leader, the leader has to be familiar with emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence requires the leader to put oneself if the shoes or emotions of others to better influence behavior. This can be challenging because a leader must be flexible enough to understand multiple personality types and mindsets to develop a strategy to connect with employees. In addition, the leader must put his or her feelings to the side in order to be of service to the employee. According to McShane and VonGlinow (2009), feedback is a form of motivation. A leader will have to strategically find ways to deliver effective feedback to the emotions of employees in order to get a favorable response. ...

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    The emotions in communications are discussed. The differences between hygiene factors and true motivators are determined.