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Communication: Relationship Between Communication and Identity

The relationship between communication and identity. Identify how you currently communicate your gender, social, and cultural identities in face-to-face and in online environments. Explain whether you communicate these identities differently, and why. Please support your statements about how you communicate these identities with specific real-life examples.

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It is possible that the in-person dynamic has not changed much in the millennia that humans have been speaking to other humans. However, the distribution of "power" has changed radically, and more and more people have begun to realize that it is arrogant to assume that you understand something someone else has said; or that others understand what you have said. Perception is everything, and what people perceive from a statement someone makes is not necessarily what the person who said it intended for people to understand or take away from their statement. As people who were born with different languages in their heads begin to live closer together, as long-distance communication becomes cheaper and increasingly accessible, tools such as social media, video-conferencing make the willingness to confirm and clarify almost every ...

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This solution briefly looks at how communication online presents opportunities to hide, mask, embellish or just flat out lie about our underlying identity.