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Communication in an Office

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Do you think communication within the office should be considered private and confidential? Explain why or why not; include any benefits and risks. Provide examples (i.e. how would you handle a situation in which a person feeling offended by overhearing someone's private conversation).

One of the most important things for companies to provide employees is a voice system. What might cause an employee not to use this system even when the situation warrants it? How can a manager help an employee overcome this

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Hello. I provide the following for your review and information. It seems that this question is much opinion. Therefore, I offer my thoughts.

Do you think communication within the office should be considered private and confidential?

I think that it depends. If it is between two employees having a conversation about something unrelated to work, sure it should be private. If it is employees discussing a case, such as in a law firm, most definitely it should be kept confidential. In this sense, the clients information is privileged and should never be heard outside of the ...

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This solution provides an understanding of communication in an office environment, and whether it should be private or confidential.

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