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    Business communication: persuasive request

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    Mark the best of these sentences making the request in a persuasive-request message.

    (a) I know that you are very busy and that it will require much time, but will you do the young people of your town a favor and speak to them on April 12?

    (b) Will you please make your contribution to the young people by addressing them on April 12?

    (c) It would be greatly appreciated if you would address the young people on April 12.

    (d) Perhaps it is presumptuous to ask, but will you please address the young folks on April 12?

    (e) You wouldn't want to address the young people on April 12, would you?

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    (B) is the best answer because it does not premise the request nor does it begin with a negative.

    To explain, (A) ...

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