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    Public and Private Messages in online Communication

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    Hi, I need some assistance on the following questions:
    1. What characteristics would make an encryption absolutely unbreakable? What characteristics would make an encryption impractical to break?
    2. Obama and Romney want to share a secret and they do not want the message to be deciphered during communications. Would they use a public or private key when sending the message?
    3. What role do technologies such as encryption play in protecting privacy?
    4. Describe the process within public key systems if you want to support non-repudiation and securing the message.

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    1. Although many believed that there is no such thing as unbreakable encryption. This conclusion was based on the encryption technology of the 1940's. The Germans had their enigma encryption machine believed to be unbreakable at the time. Then the Allies acquired one and started to decrypt messages after messages coming from the German side. But technology has changed. Scientists now utilize unconventional encryption tools with the use of the power of light particles.

    Imai and Hayashi (2006) suggested that "the most powerful form of encryption is not necessarily made of impenetrable elements, but instead photons (or particles of light) of which properties change when handled".

    They noted that that encryption codes can be made safe through the use of quantum properties, such as atoms and photons. Quantum cryptography, they believe, will be the answer to the security risks that will inevitably arise with the development of quantum computers. Once quantum computers are put into use, private keys will become obtainable through public keys, and the public key distribution system will no longer be an option. The only way to send uncrackable messages will be with a private key distribution system using the same quantum aspects as quantum computers themselves. There is another mysterious quantum property in addition to superposition: an original quantum state breaks down when observed. This means that the very act of listening in will break the key itself, alerting the sender and recipient to the unwanted eavesdropper's presence.

    Rash (2012) corroborated this idea by mentioning that information can be encoded on individual photons. These encoded photons can be sent to a receiver that can measure their characteristics ...

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    The solution gives importance to data encryption when transmitting communication online to ensure privacy.