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    Global Public Relation Trends

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    I need to prepare a 1800-2100 word paper that addresses the following questions:
    a. What are the key global Public Relations trends?
    b. What are the differences in publicity and advertising in terms of their impact on publics?
    c. When do you need proactive Public Relations planning? And, when do you utilize reactive crisis management?

    In addition, synthesize the Public Relation concepts learning by describing the impact of positive and negative Public Relations in a daily personal life and provide two examples of each in the paper.

    Please provide ideas to help start the paper.

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    I need to prepare a 1800-2100 word paper that addresses the following questions:
    This is pretty straightforward (7.5 to 8.5 pages double spaced). However, the following questions provide an outline for your paper. A tentative outline might look something to the effect:
    I. Introduction (about ¼-1/2 page, ending in the purpose of the paper e.g., the purpose of this paper is to...)
    II. Key Global Relations trends
    III. Differences in Publicity and Advertising
    IV. Application (provide two personal experiences)
    V. Conclusion (sum up main points)

    a. What are the key global Public Relations trends?
    1) Using on-line methods (see article below) - What Online PR Tools are being used?
    - It is no surprise to discover that E-mail (98%) and Websites (97%) remain the most popular online PR tools.

    - As previously mentioned, the fact that this survey was conducted via a weblog means that while "Reading Weblogs" is the third most popular tool in this survey with 82% of participants, this clearly does not reflect the PR business at large where there continues to be widespread ignorance of blogging.

    - What this statistic does highlight, is the fact that the majority of respondents to this survey are technically advanced and as a result, use a mix of online tools that in all probability far exceeds the norm for the industry at large.

    - The next most popular online PR tools were E-mail mailing lists, Reading RSS feeds, Online Database tools (such as Vocus and MediaMap), Publishing RSS Feeds, Instant Messaging, Social Networking and Newsgroups (See http://www.natterjackpr.com/stories/2004/03/02/prOpinionsSurveyMarch2004WhatOnlinePrToolsAreBeingUsed.html for more detail).

    Online impacts print publications
    Online B2B publishing has impacted significantly on printed business publications. This was the unanimous view of over twenty UK B2B publishers in a recent survey conducted by Sift.
    The survey, carried out in May 2005, showed all respondents agreeing that the online channel has reduced the usefulness of B2B magazines. ... more...

    II) New Public Communications System (e.g., social responsibility, etc.) see http://www.bledcom.com/uploads/documents/Steyn_Buetschi.pdf p.14
    III) Major Trends in Public Relations (see article below repsonse)
    IV). Seven major trends (e.g., need for transitioning - In a recent book Communicating Globally: An Integrated Marketing Approach (Schultz and Kitchen, 2000), the authors stated that the challenge facing organisations the world over is the need for a transitioning process. Transitions in production and manufacturing. Transitions in logistics and distribution. And, most importantly, transitions in marketing and communication. They argued in that book that the best mechanism for making the transition in marketing and communication was (and is) the integration of all efforts, that is, the development of process, of systems, of coordination. "In short, the integration of all ...

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