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Peter Block's Flawless Consulting: A Video Analysis

I would like you to analyze the video "Peter Block on Flawless Consulting."

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Flawless Consulting Direct from the Words of Peter Block

Peter Block said that people feel that they've done everything: they've been there, they've done that. This sophistication makes it hard to reach people. There is a lot of defensiveness that builds up. People are actually quite pessimistic where they think their organizations can really be any different so the change efforts are cosmetic. From promotion, a CEO comes out and goes on videotape and tells everybody "this time it's going to be different." This suggests, underlying, some desire for change.

Because cosmetic change is only on the surface, it is lip service. The enemy to real change is lip service. There is no opposition. It takes you somewhere, creates an alternative future, this is a challenge. Saying tomorrow won't be different from yesterday and what we do is cosmetic, lip service. It discourages people.

The bottomline here is that plans should be coupled with action. To Peter Block, this is 'walking the talk'.

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The solution is a video analysis of Peter Block's "Flawless Consulting". It showed that elimination of lengthy procedures is the essence of flawless consulting.