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Reality - Individual or Shared Experience?

Margaret Wheatley says, "We do not see 'reality'; we each create our own interpretation of what's real." This statement serves to connect your management education to the constructs of the field of epistemology, or the study of "how we know what we know." Do you think that reality is a shared experience? Or is reality created by each individual? How does either perspective determine how managers lead teams?

Discuss this concept in terms of the implications of managing teams from each of these two perspectives.

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Reality is created by each individual as two people can experience similar circumstances but have different realities. This often occurs in areas where crime rates are high yet for many of the citizens, their reality is that they are hard working citizens while their neighborhoods are labeled as "no-go" zones full of criminals. The reality is that only a small percentage of the citizens are ...

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264-word look at this metaphysical issue from a business perspective with thought to how philosophy like this can affect management strategies.