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    John Dewey

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    What do you think John Dewey meant by "an experience"?

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    1. What do you think John Dewey meant by "an experience"?

    Dewey asserts that things experienced empirically "are what they are experienced as." Dewey uses as an example a noise heard in a darkened room that is initially experienced as fearsome. Subsequent inquiry (e.g., turning on the lights and looking about) reveals that the noise was caused by a shade tapping against a window, and thus innocuous. But the subsequent inquiry, Dewey argues, does not change the initial status of the noise: it was experienced as fearsome, and in fact was fearsome. The point stems from the naturalistic roots of Dewey's logic.

    For example, according to Dewey, our experience of the world is constituted by our interrelationship with it, a relationship that is imbued with ...

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