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    Continuous Improvement

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    Part 1:
    In the case for this module, you will be conducting a personal evaluation of your team for the 101 Tips exercise. In reality, you have been assessing the team all the way through the course, but in this case you are going to condense your analysis into a format that will become the basis for an action plan for continuous improvement and team learning in the SLP for this module. So review your SLP's, cases; problems that you addressed(247596, 252008, 252307 & 252475) and for each question on the left side of the table, answer yes or no and list appropriate actions for improvement on the right side. The finished table should be about 3-5 pages.

    You will just turn in the table (as attached) for this case, but be sure that the presentation is professional. For example, make sure page breaks do not break up text and align the answers in the right hand cells with the related question on the right.

    The following form is adapted from table 8.1: Actions for growth and improvement. In Nemiro, J. E. (2004). Creativity in Virtual Teams: Key Components for Success. Pfeifer, San Francisco: CA. p. 281.

    Part 2:
    In this SLP, you will construct a simplified action plan with your team to foster continuous improvement and team learning. Plans should be 2-3 pages.

    To construct your plan, review your assessment from the case for this module (Part-1). Then, as a team, choose one improvement for each team process and clearly define the steps your team would have to take to achieve this improvement. Present the steps in a logical order and propose a date by which these steps could be completed, if your team was to stay together. Setting a realistic completion date is an essential part of any action plan.

    The format for this SLP is flexible. You could consider a list, a chart, or a timeline. Be creative and have fun with it! The following optional reading may help you with your action plan:
    Action Plan Template. (n.d.) Retrieved February 2008 from http://www.wested.org/csrd/guidebook/pdf/tools15.pdf

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