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Identify the fundamental source of the marketing problem.

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In each of the following situations, identify the fundamental source of the marketing problem or opportunity, a decision problem arising from the marketing problem or opportunity, and a possible research problem.

a. Cool Pool Supply is a manufacturer of swimming pool maintenance chemicals. Recently, a malfunction of the equipment that mixes anti-algae compound resulted in a batch of the product that only inhibits algae growth but also causes the pool water to turn a beautiful shade of light blue.
b. The MBA director of a local college recently extended offers to 20 promising students. Only five offers were accepted. In the past, acceptance rates have averaged 90%. A survey of non-acceptors conducted by the director revealed that the primary reason students declined the offer was their preception that the college's course requirments are too "restrictive."
c. Chocoholic Candy Company has enjoyed great success in its small regional market. Management attributes much of this success to Chocoholic's unique distribution system, which ensures twice weekly delivery of fresh product to retail outlets. The directors of the company have instructed management to expand Chocoholics geographical market if it can be done without altering the twice-weekly delivery policy.

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a. Fundamental source of the marketing opportunity:

The client company has created a marketable product that eliminates algae and turns the water a beautiful shade of light blue. Studies through research that will be conducted will indicate if a product that turns the water into a pleasant shade will be preferable to customers on certain criteria, including the main fact that it would be a product that is solitary in function in the market, as no other algae eliminating products turn pool water a different color. All current algae eliminating chemicals are immediately dissolved and do not discolor the water.

Decision problem:

The main decision problems in this scenario include:
Leave the formula unrevised for potential marketability;

Encourage sales through the sales process be creating innovative campaigns based on the color-changing ability;

Increase market by promoting the product to locations that specialize in pool entertainment due to the color-changing ability and not ...

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This solution identifies and discusses the fundamental source of the marketing problem or opportunity, a decision problem arising from the marketing problem or opportunity, and a possible research problem in each of the scenarios provided. All three scenarios are included in the solution.

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