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    Brand Repositioning

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    Please explain each with at least 150 words per item along with references. The Brand is TIDE:
    1. Brief history of the Brand
    2. Marketplace Dimensions (category size, competitors, shares, etc.)
    3. Current Segmentation Strategies of brand vs. competition
    4. Rationale for repositioning at this time (Why?)
    Post purchase Processes
    5. Discuss the probable post-purchase processes of the TIDE consumer and strategies you will use to insure continued consumer satisfaction after the sale.

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    Step 1
    Tide was designed originally for heavy-duty machine cleaning. In 1946, Tide was first introduced in the US markets. It was positioned as a heavy-duty detergent having a global appeal. Tide was distributed all over the US in 1949. Tide increased in popularity as its advertisements claimed that it was the "Favorite". At that time the top competitors were Ivory Snow, Rinsco, and Gold Dust. The sales of Tide soon surpassed those of Ivory Snow. Later Rinsco and Gold Dust had to change their forms in the US market. Tide was initially a white powdered bead. For the first time Tide was introduced in the liquid for in 1984. When launched the color of Tide was light orange. Later the color changed to blue Tide was honored in 2006 as ACS National Historic Chemical Landmark to recognize its importance as the first heavy-duty synthetic detergent. In present times, the demand for Tide has increased so much that Police call it liquid gold.
    Step 2
    The product category of Tide is Laundry Care products. The category size of laundry care is currently US11.1 billion. The company Proctor and Gamble is using Tide as one of the brands for establishing its supremacy in the market. The market share of P&G is currently 52% in the laundry care market. Some of the closest competitors of Tide in the Laundry Care Products market are Ecover, Caldrea, Gain, Up & Up 2X HE liquid, and Wal-Mart's Great Value Powder. The market share of Tide is 30% which is double the share of its closest competitor. Even ...

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