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Brand Image Differentiation

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Brand image is one way a firm can differentiate its good or service. However, many questions are now being raised about the effect brand images have on consumer behavior. For example, considerable concern has arisen about brand images that are managed by tobacco firms and their effect on teenage smoking habits. Should firms be concerned about how they form and use brand images? Why or why not?

Why would a firm regularly choose to be a second mover? Likewise, why would a firm purposefully be a late mover?

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Brand image differentiation.

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Should firms be concerned about how they form and use brand images? Why or why not?

I think that firms should be concerned about how they form and use brand images. I believe this because there is so much scrutiny from many different organizations about the way a company or an individual uses their brand. For example, I just saw a magazine cover that is getting much scrutiny because the star on the front is a teenager and the magazine typically markets to more mature women. Not only is the magazine getting flack, but so is the star because she is a Disney star and many do not believe she should be on this ...

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