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Article Review: Who Issues Bonds?

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The Article Review layout is simple and consists the body of the review containing three sections with the following headings:

1. Overview/Summary
2. Opinion/Analysis
3. Relevance to Financial Management.

Your reference sources are limited to the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times, Barron's, Investors' Business Daily, The Economist, or an academic journal article from a respected finance journal.

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Your tutorial is 709 words plus three references from the Wall Street Journal and discusses bond issuers in the news, how bonds are good and burdensome, and three ways bonds are important to financial management.

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Bond issuers run the full range from for-profit corporations, to non-profit organizations, to cities, states, and governments and international banking agencies. In fact, bond issuers can basically include anyone that would like to borrow large sums (so that it justified the high initial cost to get approval and sell the issue) and can get approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to sell securities to the public.

The business press features news about bond issuers and bond issues on a regular basis. For example, Marte (2012) discusses how rates on tax free bonds (munis) will be coming down because more munis are now buying insurance on their bonds. That is, bonds are "covered" by repayment insurance to protect the investors from default. In his article on how cities are trying to woo bond investors, Cherney (2012) discusses how the Mayor of Chicago tried to settle the nerves of bondholders who were worried about repayment. Even the Royal Bank of Canada is getting into the bond issuing game by offering "covered bonds" (McGee, 2012). These bonds are backed by mortgage payments to offer collateral as recourse in the event of non-payment.


While it is great for investors to have an ample supply of bonds to choose from and it is ...

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