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    I need to complete the Benchmarking Worksheet following the instructions provided on the worksheet. The work will be used to develop alternative solutions for the individual BestSnacks Problem Solution and defense.

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    // This paper presents information regarding the Generic Benchmarking Worksheet of the Best Snacks Inc. //

    Response to Task A:

    Team Members
    Problem/Opportunity Scenario

    Elizabeth Fairchild, Chief Executive officer
    Initiating a Corporate cultural change program for increasing the creative thinking skills of employees and bringing innovation in the organization.

    Sabrina McKay, Vice-President
    A survey is needed to be conducted to get the feedback over the level of the climate of innovation in the organization.

    Bill Santoro, G.M (Beverages)
    The company should not hesitate from experimenting and taking risks for bringing innovation in the organization.

    Jennifer Heartwell, G.M (Convenience Stores & Vending)
    A very less concentration is conferred to the activities of Research and Development and the company possesses the key of success in its R&D.

    Steve Macintosh, Chief financial Officer
    More investment is made on marketing, which is not paying off in terms of sales and profitability.

    Malcolm McGritty, EVP (H.R and O.D)

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 675 words with references.