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    Benchmarking U.S. Priority Mail Against Federal Express

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    The Postmaster General is concerned about the delivery of U.S. Priority mail (1 and 2-day delivery) and wants to benchmark the system against Federal Express, a recognized industry leader. What questions should he ask and how should he conduct the benchmarking?

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    The Postmaster General is clever to be concerned about the delivery of U.S. Priority mail and wanting to benchmark the system against Federal Express, a recognized industry leader. In the same light, if I wanted to be better at something, I too would reference a leader in my subject area.

    According to VT.edu (n.d.), "There are several benchmarking process models that have been used and identified by various scholars and practitioners (Camp, 1989; Spendolini, 1992; Karlof & Ostblom, 1993; Rolstadas, 1995; Zairi, 1996). The best model of benchmarking is whichever model best fits one's organization. Those models are basically based on the same concept, the concept of Plan-Do-Check-Action. The model presented here is taken from Spendolini (1992). It represents five stages of the benchmarking process that he claimed were common elements from twenty-four benchmarking process models:

    Therefore, the questions or queries that should be asked/checked for conducting benchmarking are:

    1) Determine what to benchmark. The purpose of this step is to define what the organization wants to benchmark. After the organization defines it, it will allocate the resources required to conduct benchmarking. The process can be described in the following steps:

    Defining the customers for benchmarking information. This is the first step in determining what to benchmark. To define the customers or users of the benchmarking information one simply has to think of answers to the following questions: who is requesting the information? ...

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