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Scorecard for Two Couples Eating Dinner

Consider the problem of where two couples should eat dinner. Two members of the group are vegetarian, and one does not drink alcohol.

Create a scorecard including the following details:

The range of outcomes
Probability of each outcome
Objectives expected
Recommend a decision based on your scorecard.

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The given scenario specifies the problem where two couples should eat dinner, which needs to be solved. It is given that two of the group members are vegetarian and one does not drink alcohol. This condition needs to be considered while making decision on the basis of the analysis of the range of outcomes available for the review. A well described scorecard is prepared for reaching at final decision with respect to the dinning place to be considered by the two couples.

Range of Outcomes

On the basis of the review of the given scenario, it has been identified that there are two options available for two couples where they should eat dinner. The two options are vegetarian restaurant and non-vegetarian restaurant, out of which best suitable option is to be selected for meeting the requirements of the members of group. Below summarized is the possible range of outcomes described on analyzing the given scenario (Lucey, 2002):

Place for Eating Dinner

(see attachment for table1)

The range of outcomes is ...

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The response not only explains how to construct a scorecard for the given situation, it also provides general instruction on constructing scorecards that can be applied to a range of cases. 882 words with references.