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IT Balanced Scorecard: Use & Benefits

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Having trouble trying to Identify an organizational situation for the purpose of analysis (the situation must be sufficiently complex to generate enough material to satisfy the requirements as outlined below)

Consider how the concepts and theoretical frameworks help to analyze what is needed.

In the end I will need to write up a case study that relates evidence to theory and provide an appropriate analysis and explanation of the situation described

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Pearlson and Saunders (2013) discuss the theory of utilizing an IT balanced scorecard to better link the department's performance to that of the corporate goals. By utilizing a tool that measures the department's performance, the individual department and in particular senior managers are better able to demonstrate that work being done in the department is in correlation with the corporate strategy. In turn, a corporate balanced scorecard helps the company give clear direction to individual departments.

Phillips Electronics is a worldwide company with "more than 250,000 employees in 150 countries around the world (Gumbus & Lyons, 2009). The impetus of utilizing a balanced scorecard was to streamline the complicated process of running a company with diverse product lines and divisions. IT was key in this process, not only as a department that must use the balanced scorecard, but also as an integral facilitator in helping other departments use the scorecard. Initially, the company needed to determine the organization's value drivers, and the impact of their operation on their customers and workforce, and financial performance. In helping to streamline the business, the Phillips Board of Management first determined the business variables critical for creating values. These "four critical success factors" were determined to be competence (including knowledge, technology, leadership and teamwork), processes, customers, and financial value, growth and productivity. These critical success factors allow managers to look at their business from four perspectives: innovation and learning, internal business, customer and financial (Pearlson & Saunders, (2013) state, "if you can't measure it, you can't manage ...

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This detailed solution identifies an organizational situation that uses a balanced scorecard to link performance with results. Includes examples and APA formatted references.

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Understanding the following concepts, please complete response to assignment

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IF you use any sources it must be included and in APA format. The length is determined by the approach you use; however, please be thorough.

Written Assignment
At Camden Manufacturing Company, production workers in the Painting Department are paid on the basis of productivity. The labor time standard of a unit of production is established through periodic time studies conduct by the Lowery Management Department. In a time study, the actual time required to complete a specific task by a worker is observed. Allowances are then made for preparation time, rest periods, and clean-up time. Ron Orlano is one of several veterans in the Painting Department.

Ron is informed by Lowery Management that he will be used in the time study for the painting of a new product. The findings will be the basis for establishing the labor time standard for the next 6 months. During the test, Ron deliberately slows his normal work pace in an effort to obtain a labor time standard that will be easy to meet. Because it is a new product, the Lowery Management representative who conducted the test is unaware that Ron did not give the test his best effort.

Prepare a page response to the following:

1. Discuss who benefitted from Ron's actions.
2. Discuss who was harmed from Ron's actions.
3. Discuss whether or not Ron was ethical in the way he performed the study.
4. What measure(s) might the company take to obtain valid data from setting the labor time standard?

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