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Balance Score Card Perspective: Fantastik Lil' Pancakes

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Fantastik Lil' Pancakes (FLP or Flippers), a popular pancake emporium, has hired just as their organization is considering upgrading their learning management enterprise system (LMS). Their objective is to move learning to a virtual environment, decrease course development and redesign time, improve participant satisfaction and instruction satisfaction, and ensure that learning transfers back to the job. They have asked to you to put together a score for their current system so that they can compare implementation progress with the new one. Describe your approach to this assignment. What data will be needed and how will you organize it for easy reference. Please use the attached model below as guideline to your discussion, this is Figure 10.10 from Managing and Using Information Systems, 4th Ed., Pearlson and Saunders.

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This solution addresses a balanced scorecard for Fantastik Lil' Pancakes based on the diagram given. We describe the best approach to use, the data that will be needed, and how it should be organized for easy reference.

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With the balanced scorecard approach, the main objective is to analyze the current processes and to determine where improvements are to be made. The metrics for the scorecard are then aligned with the objectives. We have several processes currently being used.

1. To move learning to a virtual environment
2. To decrease course development and redesign time
3. To improve participant satisfaction and instructor satisfaction
4. To ensure that learning transfers back to the job

- The balanced scorecard (BSC) would then take each of the four perspectives into consideration, which are learning and growth, internal business processes, financial, and ...

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