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    Logistics of FedEx

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    How does FedEx warehouse/store its resources and products efficiently?

    I need enough information for a 2 page paper with resources please. Thanks.

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    FedEx Collection centers:

    The job at FedEx start when clients drop their packages at various collection sites and center around the world.

    FedEx Hub in Tennessee:

    All FedEx packages are sent to its home base in Memphis, an 832 acre complex that looks like a military base complete with its own airport, airplanes, and maintenance crew. Not far from the tarmac are buildings that house the workers sorting the packages. This complex is also known as the FedEx global hub.

    The FedEx Packages:

    With two million packages in a single night and over 15 million packages per day, it would be impossible for FedEx to sort out manually and send them to its ...

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