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    Credit Checks for employment

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    Refer to article on Limits on Credit Checks (attached file) and answer the questions provided in essay format:
    1. How well do you think credit checks meet the effectiveness criteria of (a) reliability; (b) validity; (c) ability to generalize results; (d) high utility; and (e) legality?
    2. For what kinds of jobs might a credit check be a useful selection method? For what kinds of jobs would it be unhelpful, inappropriate, or unethical?
    3. Imagine that you are an HR manager at a company operating in a state where credit checks of job applicants have been banned. What other selection method could you use to pick honest and responsible employees?

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    Credit checks meet the effectiveness criteria to a certain extent in terms of checking for a measure of responsibility on the applicants part, however most employers are misusing their ability to run credit checks and are screening more applicants thus contributing to the nation's economic crises today. In today's society it has been quite difficult to maintain current employment. Employees fell victim to massive layoffs, age discrimination, and/or dealt with losing jobs as a result of not possessing new skills sets conjoined with current technological advancements. As a result of losing a job through no fault of their (employees) own, bills continue to accumulate with no way of paying them. Creditors are merciless when an employee is unemployed. Employers in some cases make the current economic state worse for the reason that more employees are unable to pay their bills and spend money to strengthen the economy thus resulting in a high unemployment rate. For example, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the unemployment rate is over 14%. In spite of recent news stating that jobs are available. Jobs may be available, however most of these jobs are running credit checks that alienates at least half the Nevadan population. Credit checks should only be considered if the position an ...