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    Professions within accounting

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    Write a paper of 700-800 words that accomplishes the following:
    Define a "profession." Provide at least three examples of specific professions within accounting and justifying your assertion that they are in fact professions. Describe the seven characteristics of a profession.
    Define a "professional." Describe the characteristics and attributes that make a person a professional versus a non-professional.
    Format paper according to APA guidelines.

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    A profession is a career for a person who becomes competent in his chosen field through training. A profession is a paid occupation, one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification. In most cases the skills are maintained through continuing professional development. It is a vocation founded on specialized educational training. The profession provides counsel and service to others.
    The first example of a profession in accounting is the public accountant. The training and certification for this is called Certified Public Accountant. The professional provides auditing and related services to its clients. It is a profession because it requires training, certification, and provides services (a).
    The second example of a profession in accounting is the management accountant. The qualification for a management accountant is Certified Management Accountant and Certified In Financial Management. There is a well defined training and examination system for entering the profession. This is a profession because it requires specified training, certification, and experience. Specialized services are provides by management accountants for fees.
    The third example of a ...

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