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    Calculating Kanbans in a Production Process

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    1. A manufacturer of thermostats uses a kanban system to control the flow of materials. The packaging center processes 10 thermostats an hour and receives completed thermostats every 30 minutes. Containers hold 5 thermostats each.

    How many kanbans are needed for the packaging center?

    (Round your answer to 1 decimal place, the tolerance is +/-0.1.)
    If management decides to keep two thermostats as safety stock, how many kanbans will be needed?

    3. Anna works on an assembly line where it takes her thirty minutes to produce twenty units of a product needed to fill a container. It takes her an additional five minutes to transport the container to Josh, who works at the next station. The company uses a safety stock of 20 percent. The current assembly line uses five kanbans between Anna's and Josh's stations. Compute the demand for the product. What are the units per minute?

    As cycle time decreases, the number of containers needed? (Round your answer to 2 decimal places, the tolerance is +/-0.01.) I am not getting a decimal position so would it just be 2.00 when rounding. Do you round a whole number out just using 0?

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