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This posting addresses tax consequences of Sly & Jennifer.

Sly and Jennifer are in the 33% tax bracket for ordinary income and the 15% bracket for capital gains. They have owned several blocks of stock for many years. They are considering the sale of two blocks of stock. The sale of one would produce a gain of $12,000 while the sale of the other would produce a loss of $18,000. For purposes of this problem, ignore personal exemptions, itemized deductions, and other phase-outs. They have no other gains and losses this year.

a. How much tax will they save if they sell the block of stock that produces a loss?

b. How much additional tax will they pay if they sell the block of stock that produces a gain?

c. What will be the impact on their taxes if they sell both blocks of stock?

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a. 3,000 * 0.33 = $990. They will save $990. Only $3,000 in losses can be used against other income. The remaining loss must be carried forward to future taxable years.

b. The additional tax is 12,000 * 0.15 = $1,800.

c. The couple will save $990. The net loss is carried forward because it is limited to $3,000 in each taxable ...

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The solution provides an exact breakdown of the taxes that will be saved and how the taxes will be impacted of Sly and Jennifer based on the different scenarios given.