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    Please answer the following questions (attached).


    1- What condition appears to be required for the movement of chromosomes during mitosis
    2- What event determines when a chromatid becomes a chromosome?
    3- A certain cell has eight chromosomes before cell division has started. How many chromosomes will there be in one of the daughter cells as a result of mitotic division?
    4- In which of the phases of mitosis is the nuclear membrane visible?
    5- Identify the mitotic phase in which the nuclear membrane is reformed?
    6- Identify the mitotic phase in which the number of chromosomes increases with no increase in the total amount of nuclear material?


    1- Suppose a plant cell undergoes mitosis, but no cell plate is formed. What would be the result?
    2- If a corn cell that normally has 20 chromosomes is dividing mitotically, how many chromosomes would there be during metaphase? During anaphase?
    3- A Biologist observing mitosis in corn roots (normally 20 chromosomes) located one daughter cell in late telophase that had only 19 chromosomes. How might this abnormality have occurred?

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