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Please answer the following questions (attached).


1- What condition appears to be required for the movement of chromosomes during mitosis
2- What event determines when a chromatid becomes a chromosome?
3- A certain cell has eight chromosomes before cell division has started. How many chromosomes will there be in one of the daughter cells as a result of mitotic division?
4- In which of the phases of mitosis is the nuclear membrane visible?
5- Identify the mitotic phase in which the nuclear membrane is reformed?
6- Identify the mitotic phase in which the number of chromosomes increases with no increase in the total amount of nuclear material?


1- Suppose a plant cell undergoes mitosis, but no cell plate is formed. What would be the result?
2- If a corn cell that normally has 20 chromosomes is dividing mitotically, how many chromosomes would there be during metaphase? During anaphase?
3- A Biologist observing mitosis in corn roots (normally 20 chromosomes) located one daughter cell in late telophase that had only 19 chromosomes. How might this abnormality have occurred?

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We are doing a mitosis and meiosis lab. I need help on these concept questions.

1. Why is it more accurate to call mitosis "nuclear replication" rather than "cellular division"?

2. Explain why the whitefish blastula and onion root tip are selected for a study of mitosis.
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Mitosis Meiosis
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Number of DNA replications
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Number of daughter cells produced
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5. How are Meiosis I and Meiosis II dufferent?
6. How do oogenesis and spermatogenesis differ?
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