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    How to write hypothesis ?

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    I'm trying to write a good hypothesis and I'm having trouble wording this particular one:

    HYPOTHESIS: A reagent added to the food sample/solution, should indicate the presence of a simple sugar, starch or protein by changing color while a food sample/solution placed on a piece of brown paper will remain translucent in the present of a lipid

    I understand I need to write that when the reagent color doesn't change, then there is an absence of sugar, starch or protein and that when the piece of brown paper is not translucent then a lipid is not present....but I don't know how to correctly word this.

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    Hypothesis :

    When reagent is added to the food sample / solution, it will indicate presence of ...

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    While writing hypotesis for any scientific event, it should be properly worded with very simple and direct descriptions.