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Five step method of hypothesis testing

I need to complete the following - please help me so I can expand on your ideas:

Complete and submit a 1000-word report describing the methodology involved in Hypothesis testing. It is required that you include an example of a business situation in which hypothesis testing can utilized.

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I have given you the 5 step test methodology and a not very detailed example which you can change and modify to reach your goal of 1000 words and show you understand the material. Follow the steps and explanations carefully, modifying them as well so you understand them. Read each one and make sure you can find the examples of each in your text or lecture notes as well.

The five steps of the hypothesis methodology are relatively simple in format. They are:
Once you have found a problem that needs solving
1) Form a hypothesis. What do you expect the answer to the problem to be? What do you want to find out? In either case you write your hypothesis as concisely as possible, either in words or numeric form. H1: Sales equal 12%. Or H1: n = 15
The next step is to find the testing hypothesis which is generally the opposite of the hypothesis. You are trying to prove the null, which is what the ...

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An outline with explanations of the five step method of hypothesis testing and a basic example to start the process of critical thinking about an example company to use.