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Hypothesis testing problems

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1) What are the five steps involved in classic hypothesis testing?

2) In general, what is a "Critical Value" or "Cut-Off Score" of a test statistic?
What are the critical values of z for a two-tailed test (.05)?
What are the critical values of z for a one-tailed test (.05)?
What are the critical values of z for a two-tailed test (.01)?

3. a) I measure writing ability in 4th year students at Cosmopolitan and compare those measures with those of 1st year students. What is my Null Hypothesis?

b) I measure Life Satisfaction in a group of cancer survivors and compare their Life Satisfaction scores with those from a people who did not contract cancer.
What is my Null Hypothesis?

4. When we reject the null hypothesis, what are we rejecting? (Hint: Do NOT say that you are rejecting the Null Hypothesis.)

5. What are alpha ( α ) and beta ( β )?

6. I am conducting an experiment that examines learning as a function of study time. One group studies 5 minutes and the other group studies 7 minutes. When I look at my data, I CANNOT reject the Null Hypothesis. What can I do to get more power

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